Archimedes: The Screw, the pulley and the Riddle of Ravenna - Manolis Korres – Vasilis Michelas Collection


The Screw, the pulley

and the Riddle of Ravenna

Manolis Korres – Vasilis Michelas Collection

Zivasart Gallery has the honor and the pleasure of hosting this summer’s exhibits from the collection of the original preindustrial and ancient technology tools and mechanisms by Vasilis Michelas. The architect, Manolis Korres, offers the precious curation and drawings.
The exhibition refers to the work of the Father of engineering Archimedes, through two very important ancient technological applications, the screw and the pulley, whose form, structure and terminology have been preserved from ancient times to the present. They also have a place in the terminology of the anatomy of the human body (Cochlea, Trochlea).

The great ancient Greek generalist, engineer and mathematician, having previously studied and formulated the laws governing the operations, developed the potentials of these mechanisms in his inventions.

The exhibition presents rare vintage tools (dating back to even two hundred years), which have been collected in the span of many years with effort, sacrifices and mainly artistry, by the engineer and manufacturer of mechanisms, Vasilis Michelas. Wooden and metal screws from mechanisms of compression, lifting, transmission etc., alternate with wooden pulleys of various sizes and complexes from sailboats, lifting devices etc.
Manolis Korres, architectural historian, is the curator of this exhibition with informative and analytical texts on Archimedes’ contribution to the structure and use of these tools. With the use of his drawing prowess he supports many of the exhibits and he surprises us by revealing a series of free drawings of Ravenna’s riddle, that is, how the 350-ton monolithic roof of The Mausoleum of Theodoric was carved, transported and placed and how this huge stone monument was built in the marsh, in 526 A.D. Through this narrative we see the important role of the screw and the pulleys in the whole technical course of the venture.
Finally, through this significant exhibition in our venue, it is demonstrated how catalytic and diachronic is the influence of the spirit of Archimedes, this worldly Greek of Ancient Syracuse, to the modern fourth technological and industrial revolution.

Opening: Monday June 10th, 8.00 p.m.
Opening hours: Everyday 9a.m – 9p.m.
Tel. 2106830648 Mob. 6936531703
Supported by the Civitel Hotels.
Zivasart Gallery, Pantanassis 1, Marousi.
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