by Socrates V.Siskos


This article is a copy of the introduction of my still unpublished treatise entitled "THE THIRD PROPHECY". Those who have read some of my articles or books will have already noticed that in all my texts and especially in those which due to their identical conceptual content, are treatises and are part of a "trilogy of prophecies", neither dark conspiracy theories nor insights into divinely inspired prophecies are projected. Everything is based on written evidence, on the somewhat varied and fact-adapted realistic theory of Robert Merton's "self-fulfilling prophecies." Readers thus have the opportunity, by using the same or similar sources, to supplement their knowledge or to check the objectivity of the texts they read.

According to this theory, the current events give the possibility of predictions (prophecies), either with the forthcoming cultural and economic changes in the organizational structures of the states, or with the propaganda for the success of the geostrategic goals of the Great Powers. In this way it is possible to verify a fantastic and perhaps ridiculous prediction / prophecy for future developments. The imaginary and improbable scenario (event) of a false or propagandistic reputation gradually turns into real and therefore "self-fulfills", unless the healthy countervailing forces that will prevent its realization are created in time. The credibility, the constant fear, the degradation of self-esteem and the uncontrollable panic of the popular masses, contribute to the success of these malicious rumors and to the occurrence of the catastrophic event. As a simple example we could point to a Greek experience. The theory has been quite successful in the management, by the EU, of the Greek debt and the memoranda in the recent economic crisis. The catastrophic consequences will be borne by future generations.

After the self-dissolution of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany and the complete domination of globalization, there was a rapid reversal of the political and religious ideologies, beliefs and moral principles that existed until then. The pre-eternal political and social form of Europe and other isolated regions of the world changed radically. Political power slowly passed from the political and intellectual elite into the hands of the rulers of money and wealth. The old ideologies of the Right and the Left have been overtaken and left as propaganda symbols for the deception of partisan voters in a globalized democratic society, without self-discipline in the excesses of arbitrariness and lack of morality in the freedoms of the people. From the old dictatorial and anti-capitalist regime of the Soviet Union, some frayed traces of leftism were left (eg in China or Cuba), adapted to an inhuman regime of right-wing monetarism and greedy speculation. They turned into regimes of "capitalist communism". With this change, China, thanks to the dictatorial structure of its state power and the complete control of the Western European formless individual liberties that dissolve any organizational control of state power, has managed to become a huge economic power. This force will quickly turn into an economic and military superpower, and this evolution has been perceived by some in the United States. In this context, the violent conflict between the Republicans and the Democrats in the 2020 elections became unprecedented for the American data. Patriotism and internationalism were opposed, replacing the ideologies of the Right and the Left. This is the main reason that on the side of the Globalization of the Right, there is (with the undefeated!) The elite, the foam of the Left intellect. From the almost equal power of the two parties, it seems that this ideological conflict in America will continue in the future, with positive or negative effects in Europe and around the world.

After the victory of the Democrats in the USA, the so far powerful globalization will continue to erode the power of the states and transfer power to Independent Authorities or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). All transnational or national power structures are now dominated by the "willing", who have proved to their bosses that they are capable of protecting the financial interests of multinationals. Political leaders are well aware that they are not the administrators of state power, but the executors of the priesthood's mandates of a powerful monetarist regime. A little idea of ​​the infiltration of bankers and stockbrokers into key structures of transnational (global) power is given by the book by Le Monde correspondents in London, Jérôme Fritel and Marc Roche, entitled "Goldman Sachs: la banque qui dirige le monde" (in Greece it has been translated as "Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world"). However, despite such strong foundations of globalization, why were its pillars terrorized by a quirky American president, who is just as hard-working as a capitalist, a successful billionaire businessman, a non-negotiable protector of his financial interests (hence his “friendship” with Erdogan!) and a fanatical anti-socialist?

The question can be answered if we go back about a year ago and watch the events that took place in Davos, Switzerland in January 2020. At the 50th World Economic Forum, the conflict appeared, we would say the violent conflict, between the patriotic and and internationalist (globalized) ideology. There was a clear clarification of ideological positions between Donald Trump and George Soros assisted by the European Union. The American president accepted the invitation to participate in this summit, in the sacred temple of globalization, to be forthright. With the exception of Bill Clinton, no other US president has attended the Forum meetings. Trump decided to face his enemies, the "left socialists", inside their own home. Only perhaps out of diplomatic expediency did he avoid clarifying that the "socialists" of globalization are the poor minions of left-wing intellectuals carrying out the dirty work of propaganda. But inside the Forum room were some groups of financial tycoons who manage more than half the wealth of the whole world. It is the economic elite that "socialistically" rules the world. The American group of multimillionaires, all fanatical supporters of the Democrats, includes dozens of Croats, such as e.g. John Paulson, the notorious hawk of derivative stock market speculation; Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world in 2005, who financially supported the election and re-election of Barack Obama; courts of the "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" etc. In fact, this noble philanthropic and socialist work was so widely promoted by the large, controlled media that many of them began to believe that they belonged to a special category of missionaries. Former chairman and CEO of the sinful Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfin, who was named Person of the Year in 2009 by the Financial Times, said that as a banker, he felt he was "doing the work of God!" Here is the Saint Lloyd of globalization! George Soros, their chosen representative because of his expertise in big money, since the time he blew up the English National Bank, is the clear organizer of the economic and political regime of globalization. Therefore, there is plenty of money to buy consciences, with the ultimate goal of increasing profits. But let us look at the Trump-Soros confrontation in Davos, to understand why "the Soros System" would not allow the American president to be re-elected in any legitimate or illegal way.

Here are some excerpts from Donald Trump's statements on his arrival in Davos and his enlightening speech:

"… ..We are coming to meet world leaders, the most important people in the world and we will return to the USA bringing terrible economic affairs. The rest is just a joke. It is the same witch hunt that lasts for years and is honestly shameful… [..]… When I decided to come to Davos I did not think in terms of global elite or globalization. I was thinking on the terms of those who want to invest a lot of money and return to the United States… [..] Other ominous prophets of misery (of the peoples) also foretell a huge climate catastrophe in the magnitude of the (holy) "Revelation". They are the ones who predicted the crisis of global overpopulation in the 1960s, mass starvation in the 1970s and the end of oil in the 1990s to dominate and control every aspect of our lives. "We will never let the radical socialists destroy our country's economy."

He left absolutely no doubt to the wealthy "socialists!" who heard him in Davos, that he was determined to fight against impunity in the economy, trade and the degradation of state power, implying China's benefits from the lack of a protective national trade policy and production process. After all, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic, he made it clear to the UN General Assembly that he was "at war with globalization."

EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici responded to Trump and commented on Trump's patriotic stance on "America First". He also stated that "we need to defend our approach, the European approach, which is different from his own. We are committed to multilateralism. We deny protectionism. We are fighting against climate change. We reject all forms of discrimination. We prohibit the death penalty. We seek an open society. We believe that equality between men and women is crucial. And we must be proud and promote the European way of thinking. He says "America first", I will not say Europe first but I love the European way. "I say we have to respond to the slogan first America in the European way" which is constantly changing ".

With the low birth rate of European peoples and their rapid mixing with citizens of different cultures with vital demographics and a fanatically deep belief in their cultural values, unfortunately the "European way of life" will not last long. As for "Open Society" and states without borders, George Soros was the most expert in expressing the strong concerns of the billionaires in the room. Two days after Trump's speech, he explained the dangers of the US president's policy, calling him an "absolute narcissist" after first informing his audience that he would allocate $ 1 billion to establish the World Open Society University. "I clearly see the Trump administration as a threat to the world," he said. However, I treat it as a temporary phenomenon which will disappear in 2020 ".

He said it and he did it. We have seen above the structured ideological positions of a Trump, whom the globally organized mud campaign with the fake news of the biggest publishing groups and television stations, presented to us as an unbalanced and politically unarmed person. From the first day of his election, lawyers and prosecutors were summoned to the courts and congressional committees. One day he was accused of being elected thanks to the interventions of the Russian secret services and the next that he got married twice. Dozens of blondes who were allegedly raped 30 years ago were constantly appearing and demanding compensation. The big game was played with the coronavirus epidemic and polls. The propaganda was raging. In Greece, we expected in the November elections a difference between the two American parties of around 12 to 14%. And after all that, we saw Trump lose by a margin of 1% of the vote. The universally omnipotent Soros system would never, legally or illegally, allow a "dangerous temporary phenomenon" to become permanent. That is why Trump's allegations of fraudulent ballot papers may not be unfounded. The difference in votes between Trump and the two parties was reminiscent of the turnout in the Stalinist elections in the Soviet Union and in the referendums in Greece during the seven-year period of the dictatorship of the colonels. While overall the difference was 1%, in letter votes this percentage, in some states such as Pennsylvania, touched dizzying differences. The difference of almost 600 thousand votes in favor of Trump, in this state, was annihilated and finally the Democrats won. The same thing happened in other US states.

The European Union, as we have seen from the statements of Pierre Moscovici, is fully in line with the policies of the billionaire socialists (!) Of Davos. Greece, facing a Turkey with expansive strategic choices, is in danger of losing its border territories in the future due to its open border policy and undergoing demographic changes that will radically change the "European way of life". Such changes are planned by the priesthood of globalization. When two or more decades ago, some European leaders stated that, in 2050, the population of Thessaloniki will exceed 5 million inhabitants, on what data did they base their predictions? With such a high birth rate in Greece, who would be the new quadruple inhabitants of the city? I do not have in mind some new facts about Thessaloniki, but the problem that appears in Athens gives the answer. In a secret report of the Greek police, which was published last November by the newspaper "ESTIA" and was communicated to the mayor Costas Bakogiannis, 25% of the inhabitants of the city of Athens are legal or illegal foreigners, the majority are Muslims. In some districts, foreigners are expected to outnumber residents of Greek origin. The percentages of foreigners in these neighborhoods, such as e.g. in Patissia, Agios Panteleimon, Agios Pavlos, Victoria Square and other areas close to the city limits, reach 40 to 45%. The change is so rapid that it is only a matter of time before the native Greeks form in a few years the minority. With such a reversal of population data, is it possible to maintain the European way of life? Would some mayors, at the risk of being branded fascists or racists, want to ban a majority of Muslims claiming European human rights by demanding that individual carpets be laid on Fridays in the squares for the mass prayer of worshipers? Will they be able to ban the majority of women from wearing a ferret or burqa? The European way of life will inevitably adapt to the requirements of Sharia.

Religions and all other cultural peculiarities of each people must be respected. But the mixing of peoples of different cultures must be based on terms of parity. Islam is not just a religion. The application of Sharia transforms it into a socio-political regime, by transforming religious rules into rules of state power. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the once somewhat secular Islam has been transformed into a radical political force, with the aim (through religious belief and fanaticism) of gaining geostrategic power and influence. We saw it in Turkey. Within a hundred years it has wiped out the millions of Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Christians in Asia Minor, while seeking to expand its influence by promoting fake refugees in Greece (and Europe), invoking the humanity (!) Of Open Borders and its human rights. European legislation.

The majority of Greek citizens are peace-loving and with a culture of democratic ethos. The ethnocentrists of the "open borders" do not hesitate to call them fascists when they try to preserve their cultural wealth and the Greek way of life. They call them racists when they protest against the fear and terrorism, which is constantly inflated by the various "Soros", who seek to dominate them. But they are also accused of being Nazis, when they reminisce Greece as a country where they slept carelessly with open doors and windows or when they were uncomfortable seeing barbed wire on walls and courtyards, when they were afraid to return to their homes from dimly lit streets or heard rattles from Kalashnikovs brutally taking human lives for ten euros. Multicultural society is, by today, a utopia. Cultural differences are respected only in countries with a predominant religious culture (eg Brazil), in which minority cultures are peacefully integrated in a spirit of equality. This is what Mahatma Gandhi, the founder of the Revolution without Violence and Blood (passive resistance), suggests to us:

"The golden rule of conduct is mutual tolerance, because we will never all think the same way, we will only see part of the truth and from different angles".


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