Περιεχόμενα Οστεοαρχαιολογίας, τεύχος 31

Περιεχόμενα Οστεοαρχαιολογίας,
τεύχος 31

Στο International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, Volume 31, Issue 5 Pages: 671-974, έκδ. Σεπτεμβρίου / Οκτωβρίου 2021, διαβάζουμε:


- Bone artifacts from Riwi Cave, south-central Kimberley: Reappraisal of the timing and role of osseous artifacts in northern Australia Michelle C. Langley, Jane Balme, Sue O'Connor, Pages: 673-682 First Published: 15 March 2021.

- Sacralization in the Mary Rose and Kronan assemblages: An inconsistently recorded anomaly / Rose Drew, Anna Kjellström, Pages: 683-700 First Published: 25 March 2021.

- Maternal–fetal death in medieval Pieve di Pava (central Italy, 10th–12th century AD) / Giulia Riccomi, Cristina Felici, Valentina Giuffra, Pages: 701-715 First Published: 28 March 2021.

- Sex differences in age-related bone loss and antemortem tooth loss in East-Central Arizona (AD 1200–1450) / Rebecca V. Mountain, Jordan A. Wilson, Cait B. McPherson, Robert M. Blew, James T. Watson, Pages: 716-726 First Published: 29 March 2021.

- Disposed young: Nonadult element representation and bone positioning in complex mortuary programmes in Chalcolithic Cyprus Kirsi O. Lorentz, Bianca Casa, Yuko Miyauchi, Pages: 727-741 First Published: 04 April 2021.

- Histological investigation of burnt bones: A case study of angulate tortoises from the archaeological site, Diepkloof Rock Shelter, Western Cape, South Africa Mohd Shafi Bhat, Anusuya Chinsamy, John Parkington, Pages: 742-757 First Published: 05 April 2021.

- A systematic review of agouti (Dasyproctidae: Dasyprocta) records from the pre-1492 Lesser Antilles: New perspectives on an introduced commensal / Sophie Rabinow, Christina Giovas, Pages: 758-769 First Published: 05 April 2021.

- Estimating the age of domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus L. 1758) cockerels through spur development / Sean Paul Doherty, Alison Foster, Julia Best, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer, James Morris, Peta Sadler, Caroline Skelton, Rebecca Smallman, Helina Woldekiros, Richard Thomas, Naomi Sykes, Pages: 770-781 First Published: 14 April 2021.

- A rare case of multilevel spondylolysis—A nineteenth century Chinese immigrant to Peru from Castillo de Huarmey archaeological site / Wiesław Więckowski, Pages: 782-788 First Published: 17 April 2021.

- The uses of domesticated animals at the Early Bronze Age City of Wangjinglou, China Yue You, Qian Wu, Pages: 789-800 First Published: 02 May 2021.

- Defects of the femoral head-neck junction: A new method of classification and observed frequency in Hamann-Todd skeletal collection / Bahaa Medlej, Haim Cohen, Gali Dar, Smadar Peleg, Janan Abbas, Youssef Masharawi, Israel Hershkovitz, Hila May, Pages: 801-808 First Published: 04 May 2021.

- Infracranial versus cranial nonmetric traits and mtDNA data in the study of genetic divergence of human populations / Alla A. Movsesian, Elena A. Vagner-Sapukhina, Pages: 809-819 First Published: 22 June 2021.

- Trauma patterns and injury prevalence in early medieval Säben-Sabiona, Italy Daniela Tumler, Alice Paladin, Albert R. Zink, Pages: 820-832 First Published: 05 May 2021.

- Human subsistence strategy in the Ordos Plateau, Inner Mongolia, China, during the Qin and Han dynasties: Using stable isotope analysis / Liangliang Hou, Chunbai Hu, Tianhui Wu, Yanni Zhao, Hui Deng, Yi Guo, Pages: 833-845 First Published: 05 May 2021.

- Death metal: Evidence for the impact of lead poisoning on childhood health within the Roman EmpireJoanna Moore, Kori Filipek, Vana Kalenderian, Rebecca Gowland, Elliott Hamilton, Jane Evans, Janet Montgomery, Pages: 846-856 First Published: 07 May 2021.

- DNA analysis of skeletal remains of an important historical figure from the period of mediaeval Bosnia Mirela Dzehverovic, Jasmina Cakar, Edin Bujak, Amela Pilav, Jasmin Ramic, Abdurahim Kalajdzic, Naris Pojskic, Pages: 857-865 First Published: 16 June 2021.

- Thalassemia major in a 49-year-old Thai female: Gross and X-ray examination of dry bone / Nawaporn Techataweewan, Robert W. Mann, Melandri Vlok, Sittiporn Ruengdit, Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, Hallie R. Buckley, Pages: 866-880 First Published: 24 May 2021.

- First reported archaeological case of leprosy in Slovakia Zuzana Hukeľová, Jan Nováček, Klaudia Daňová, Matej Ruttkay, Pages: 881-890 First Published: 26 May 2021.

- Urbanization and respiratory stress in the Northern Low Countries: A comparative study of chronic maxillary sinusitis in two early modern sites from the Netherlands (AD 1626–1866) / Maia Casna, Carla L. Burrell, Rachel Schats, Menno L. P. Hoogland, Sarah A. Schrader, Pages: 891-901 First Published: 27 May 2021.

- Reconstruction of dietary habits in the Early Bronze Age of Anatolia through the analysis of dental caries and wear / Meliha Melis Koruyucu, Yılmaz Selim Erdal, Pages: 902-915 First Published: 29 May 2021.

- Detection of cancerous lesions in skeletal remains using visual methods and radiographs / Sara Fatula, Pages: 916-925 First Published: 29 May 2021.

- Riding for a fall: Bone fractures among mounted archers from the Hungarian Conquest period (10th century CE) / William Berthon, Balázs Tihanyi, Orsolya Anna Váradi, Hélène Coqueugniot, Olivier Dutour, György Pálfi, Pages: 926-940 First Published: 02 June 2021.

- Biological histories of an elite: Skeletons from the Royal Chapel of Lugo Cathedral (NW Spain) / Olalla López-Costas, Gundula Müldner, Kerstin Lidén, Pages: 941-956 First Published: 03 June 2021.


- A reflection of the unfavorable living conditions caused by the First World War in the diet and health of a 10-year-old boy (1907–1917) from Vetlá cemetery, Bohemia Jan Cvrček, Sylva Drtikolová Kaupová, Lenka Půtová, Petr Velemínský, Pages: 957-965 First Published: 26 May 2021.

- Eternal love locked in an embrace and sealed with a ring: A Xianbei couple's joint burial in North Wei era, China (386–534 CE) / Quanchao Zhang, Xiaogang Hou, Shiyu Yang, Sunzifeng Ruan, Anqi Wang, Pengzhen Li, Xiaofan Sun, Hong Zhu, Qun Zhang, Qian Wang, Pages: 966-974 First Published: 04 June 2021.


Οστεινα τεχνουργηματα σπηλαιο Ριβι, Ριουι, Riwi, Κιμπερλι Αυστραλίας Αυστραλια, Ιεροποιηση Μητρικος εμβρυικος θανατος εμβρυο μεσαιωνας Παβα Ιταλια, 10ος 12ος αιωνας μΧ φυλο απωλεια οστικης μαζας ηλικια απωλεια δοντιων Αριζονα 1200 μΧ 1450, οστα νεκροτομειο Χαλκολιθικη Κυπρος, Ιστος καμενα οστα χελωνα αρχαιολογικος χωρος, καταφυγιο βραχος Ντιπκλουφ, Diepkloof, Δυτικο Ακρωτηριο, Νοτια Αφρικη, Μικρες Αντιλλες 1492, οικοσιτα πουλερικα γαλλος, Gallus gallus domesticus L. 1758 πολυεπιπεδη σπονδυλολυση Κινεζος μεταναστης 19ος αιωνας Περού Castillo de Huarmey, Χουαρμει, εξημερωμενα ζως Wangjinglou Πρωιμη Εποχη Χαλκου Κίνα, ελαττωμα μηρος, κεφαλη λαιμος σκελετος συλλογη Hamann-Todd, κρανιο mtDNA γενετικη πληθυσμος, τραυμα τραυματισμος Säben-Sabiona, Σαμπεν, Σαβιονα, Σαβεν, Σαμπιονα, Ιταλιας, επιβιωση οροπεδιο Ορντος, Ordos, Εσωτερικη Μογγολια, δυναστεια Κιν Χαν Qin Han ισοτοπο δηλητηριαση μολυβδος παιδικη υγεια Ρωμαικη Αυτοκρατορια, Αναλυση DNA σκελετοι Βοσνια θαλασσαιμια γυναικα Ταιλανδη, ακτινογραφια οστουν, αρχαιολογικο κρουσμα λεπρα Σλοβακια, αστικοποιηση αναπνευστικο στρες Κατω Χωρες ιγμοριτιδα ανω γναθος Ολλανδια 1626 1866 διατροφικες συνηθειες Ανατολια τερηδονα φθορα δοντι, καρκινος ιππασια καταγμα εφιππος τοξοτης Ουγγαρια 10ος, Βιολογια ελιτ Βασιλικο Παρεκκλησι Καθεδρικος Ναος Λουγκο Ισπανια Α Παγκοσμιος Πολεμος διατροφη υγεια 10χρονο αγορι 1907 1917, νεκροταφειο Βετλα Vetlá, Βοημια αιωνια αγαπη αγκαλια δαχτυλιδι κοινη ταφη ζευγαρι Ξιανμπει Xianbei North Wei, Κίνα 386 534 μΧ
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