The "horns of Orchomenos" prove that there has been livestock (cattle farming) in Viotia/Boetia for at least 20,000 years!

The "horns of Orchomenos"
prove that there has been livestock
(cattle farming) in Viotia
for at least 20,000 years!

By George Lekakis

One of the most important regions, for the history of Greece, is Orchomenos of Viotia.  An Establishment of Minyes (a Greek tribe)! The greatest technicians of mankind! The best manufacturers of tunnels, of drainage constructions and of mines! They taught technique of excavation and mining in the whole world! After all, because of Minyes, the underground holes and tunnels, which are  dug for metals and minerals, are named “mines”, worldwide!
In Orchomenos of Viotia, the grave of Minyas dominates! Archeological excavations, by famous Th. Spyropoulos, showed that it’s a work of 1600 BC - even more ancient. The Springs of Graces! The Theater! The Palace (shamelessly upon which, a church has been built: “The Holy Mary of Skripous”,  and by impudence was renamed by the Arvanitic name “Scripous” instead of the historical Greek name “Orchomenos”). Everywhere here one can sense a History of 10,000 years...
Here, then, there is a point, unknown even to the Viotians, which is called "horns of Orchomenos" (referred also as "horns of Livadia»), as they are formations which have shape of oxen horns. Since people couldn’t explain their existence, they created a legend: Once upon a time, it is said, a king-shepherd lived in this place! He was a large flock owner. From his surplus, he gave flock to the poor of the area! His flock increased his wealth and he accumulated wealth! But one time he was caught by an illness, called "imagination" and he began to think that is the richest man in the country! He stopped giving to the poor, anymore! The gods became angry at him and destroyed the flock. His property and everything else was destroyed! Only horns were remained from the sheep. The abundant cheese filled out the cavities of the horns! Even the king-shepherd himself was petrified, but it’s unknown where!
Let's go now to the scientific explanation of the myth. It is truth that are various fossils, which are filled with titanium mixtures (their scientific name is hippurites cornu-vaccinum). And this is about petrified animals of pre-cataclysmic age! Which means that the area of Copais – Orhomenos- there was livestock (cattle farming) long before the cataclysm of Deucalion, i.e. at least 20,000 years ago! ..
Now then, Can one understand why Orchomenos has been in such degradation? And for it, there isn’t even one sign of the Archaeological Bureau, from the main road Kastro-Levadia, whereas there is a magnificent sign to denote the… church of…St. Nicholas, which was buit 30 centuries after the palace of Minyas !!!
Apart from the "horns of Orchomenos" in Viotia, there are some other horns , "holy" and "varnished" (*) as my grandfather used to say, who have made (and continue to make) a lot of damage in the history of the region.    

(*)  “varnished horn” = a stubborn, pig-headed, rascal or scoundrel person.

Το άρθρο αυτό είναι μετάφραση αντίστοιχου άρθρου του Γ. Λεκάκη που δημοσιεύθηκε στην εφημ. "Κόντρα-News" στις 21.05.2016 και μπορείτε να το βρείτε εδώ:

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