COCHNO STONE 5.000 years old ancient star map?

COCHNO STONE 5.000 years old ancient star map?

One of the most fascinating archaeological mystery is the discovery of the so-called Cochno stone.
Discovered in 1887 by the reverend James Harvey, the ancient stone measures 13 meters by 7.9, and features around 90 intricate carvings—considered as one of the finest sets of petroglyphs in Scotland—which according to many researchers represent a cosmic map, detailing planets and stars.
After its discovery, in 1965 archaeologist Ludovic Maclellan Mann decided to bury the massive slab under several feet of soil to protect it from further damage and to prevent people from adding their own carvings onto it.
So far, archaeologists cannot agree on what is exactly depicted on the massive slab.
While it has been written about as being simply another example of ancient Cup and Ring art. I think this one could be much more than is given consideration. It's very unique and in my opinion an example of someone 5,000 years ago wanting to convey a fairly sophisticated message. It's been speculated as being a local map, A spiritual ritual and even a spell or incantation. 
I'm going with a Star map system complete with grid work. 
The Cochno Stone was first documented by the Rev James Harvey of Duntocher, who came across the incised outcrop in 1885.
Harvey explored beneath the turf around the Cochno Stone and some other examples in the area to test their extent, and then published his results in volume 23 of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (PSAS).
He included a detailed description of a profusion of classic and unusual rock-art motifs across a large sandstone block (which he called Stone A).
The intricate drawings can be tribal symbols, border boundary signs (such as on a map), representations of the cosmos or slits containing liquids in ritual celebrations, among hundreds of other proposed explanations.
They may also be simply decorative forms, an interpretation that could be the most revolutionary of all because it would in a way ‘connect’ prehistoric humans to abstract artists of the twentieth century.
The mystery engulfing the Cochno stone continues. Little is known about what the intricate marks symbolize, but they are found in many rock art sites around Europe.


Οι βραχογραφίες της πέτρας Cochno: Ένας 5.000 χρόνων κοσμικός χάρτης στην Σκοτία! Με σπείρες, πανάρχαια ελληνικά σύμβολα! Παρόμοια σε Μεξικό, Ελλάδα, Ινδία!
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