Wine Routes of Parians

Wine Routes of Parians

The Woman’s Association of Naoussa Paros, in collaboration with the chefs Mrs. Argiro Barbarigou, Mr. Ilias Mamalakis, Μr Panos Ioannides, the author-journalist Mrs. Niki Mitarea, the Wineries: of the “ Cooperative of Paros”,  “E.Th. Moraitis AE”, “Anousaki”, “Louridi”, “Asteras” and smaller wine producers of Naoussa organize on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2018 conference by the title:

“Wine Routes of Parians”

The conference is an attempt of promotion of the wine history of Paros, to highlight the current wine production and to enhance its future course. At the same time it is an effort to promote and strengthen the “wine tourism” and to establish an annual festival of this kind with a pancycladic, pan-Hellenic and why nit international interest.
This workshop will consist of two parts.
-In the first part the participants will be on a tour around the modern wineries of the island, with a parallel reference to the history and development of wine growing and wine production in our island. There will be a presentation in reference to the wine press by Mr. Georgio Kavali, speeched by oenologists and production of gastronomic tastes.
-In the second part the participants will take part in the harvest and the wine -pressing in a traditional way while they will observe cooking of Greek dishes based on wine. The participants will also have the opportunity to try those dishes and have the chance to speak with the chefs Mrs. Argiro Barbarigou, Ilia Mamalaki and Panos Ioannides and the author – journalist Mrs. Niki Mitarea and enjoy a traditional party at the end of the conferenece.

The workshop will be FREE for those of you who will register within the deadline.
The deadline for registration to participate is 25th August, 2018.
You can sign up by email and / or by making a phone call on the following numbers: 2284052555, 6974092618 (Mrs. Maria Tripolitsiotou-Tsounaki) and 2284051402, 6945533328 (Mrs. Eleftheria Barbarigou).

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