The "superiority" of the nationalisms in SE Europe

The "superiority"
of the nationalisms
in SE Europe 

As with nationalist theories developed in other regions, the same simple question can be brought forward about our own neighborhood in SE Europe: which nationalism is superior, that of Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs, "Skopjanomacedonians" or Turks?

In each of the above cases, if not all, most involved declare "superiority" in front of the others. However, the effectiveness of any such activity depends on funding, the multitude of members, and (perhaps even more) on the interest of various local and / or foreign state or sub-state organizations.

However, the above do not have any particular relationship with national lows, but rather with the designs of each one. Therefore, every side can (and usually does) display a truth different from the others, which obviously depends not only on the various interests (as described above) but also on the credulity of those who are willing to follow the corresponding nationalistic practices.

But what is most important is that another picture is ultimately derived from historical truth (internationally accepted) and another one from its deliberate alteration. The former can be beneficial to every inhabitant of this planet, the second only for temporary aspirations, acting also as a brake against the development and prosperity of the world society as a whole. This is the main reason why this website, as an anti-skid, is stressed to the need of international reconciliation and solidarity.

Even if, for a moment, Greek nationalism is supposed to be due to historicity "superior" compared to the others, is it ever possible for them to accept such a position or as it is natural they would prefer enter into the logic that this is our problem and not theirs?

SOURCE: ΑΕΕ, 15.7.2018.

KEYWORDS: Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs, Skopjanomacedonians, Turks, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Skopja, Macedonia, Turkey
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