Evolution of Water Culture and History - Workshop in Greece, 22 March, 2021

Evolution of Water Culture
and History
Workshop in Greece, 22 March, 2021 

Members of the International Authorities of Water and Museums


Dear Colleagues,


Due to Covid 19, unfortunately it was not possible to arrange our meeting on September 6, 2020. I propose that this could be made on 22 March 2021 in Patras, Greece , which is the date celebration of Water World Day. Also I inform you that for all those who not be able to participate personally, they can attend the workshop via e-distance connection.

The key theme of this workshop will be to look for effective ways of cooperation with other Specialist Groups dealing with the Evolution of Water Culture and History. We will look for joint actions and perspectives of existing Associations, Groups and other organizations including the Water Museums, dealing with water matters, from antiquity to the present day and what and how we learnt from the past.

The workshop will examine potential synergies that could be developed among the members of various relevant water organizations globally. Our intention is to invite representatives of the most water related International organizations.

Τhe workshop will be attended by representatives of the Greek Μinistry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment, the Region of Western Greece, and the Municipality of Patras. The main topics of the meeting will be:

a-The possibilities for joint actions by various water history organizations towards the further study of the contribution of the ancient civilizations on the water technology and their impact on the contemporary water technology and effective management

b-The examination of the development of potential synergies among the members of various relevant water organizations globally, enhancing the cooperation among them, to the benefit of the word.

No registration fees in this workshop.

Finally, we are looking forward to welcome you in Patras, Greece in a historical and pleasant place for synergism among expert of several groups around the world.


Sincerely yours,


Professor Dr. Ioannis K. Kalavrouziotis

Dean of the School of Science and Technology

Member of the MC of Joint IWA/IWHA-SG on WAC


Patras, 19 September, 2020.



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