Head of Alexander the Great is being sold out... only $ 15,000!!! In front of the earth the uncircumcised ... Destroy it and decapitate him, then!!!

Head of Alexander the Great
is being sold out
...only $ 15,000 !!!

In front of the earth the uncircumcised ... Destroy it and decapitate him, then!!!

I am not discussing this at all, that the Pammigit of the Greeks, Alexander the Macedon, was, is and will be one of the greatest generals and rulers that have passed through the History of humanity!
Everywhere, wherever he did, Alexander the Great was considered, a demigod! Especially he was worshiped after his early death! Even more rare in history, a military leader. Usually they all love them alive, to have them good with them, like licking, and then throw them into the basket of the waste of history ...
The relief image (and not bust) of Alexander was everywhere, throughout the Greek and Roman territory and culture. The Roman emperors adopted it as an ideal. They were saying, the poor, and they persuaded their peoples to represent themselves in their footprints!
Alexander the Great is usually depicted with separate wavy hair falling on his eyebrows and neck - because then, the man's model was to have hair, and many, long and wavy, rather than to be mellow ... , like today…
All this is shown in the relief image (and not the bust) of Alexandros that I am presenting to you today ...
It is a work of art, the 1 st century. B.C. - 2 nd century AD Head height is 14 cm.

So far, all well ...
But the news besides cheese ... also contains phacoes: This ancient work of art (of unknown origin) is sold out as auctioned by New York 's Aphrodite Gallery (!!!) on November 27, 2018 ...
And even the priceless ... it's estimated $ 15,000 !!!
The winners also give another provocative piece of information: The artwork, they say, comes from the German market , from where ... he went to a private collection in New York in 1992 ...
And they make another provocative information to their customers: "The ancient work of art is guaranteed and authentic and as described. Aphrodite Gallery has over 4,000 total transactions with customers and no negative return! "!!!

R forth So, finish your work!
Destroy the image of Alexander, since he scares you, everywhere!
There is no monument, no memory for him, no matter how much you try, you will never reach him! But, you will never manage to get it out of the hearts of people! Why You Should Flush Their Hearts!
And this is not done! ..

TRANSL.: M. Sevastos.

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