Αρχαία κάτω από την Μεσόγειο…

Αρχαία κάτω από την Μεσόγειο…

Του Γιώργου Λεκάκη

Με τίτλο «UNDER THE MEDITERRANEAN I - Studies in Maritime Archaeology» κυκλοφόρησε το βιβλίο επιμελεία των Stella Demesticha και Lucy Blue, και συνδρομή των Kalliopi Baika, Carlo Beltrame, David Blackman, Deborah Cvikel, Helen Farr και Dorit Sivan, το 2021

ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ επίσης: Γ. Λεκάκης "Αρχαία και σύγχρονα ιστορικά ναυάγια των ελληνικών θαλασσών"


Shipwrecks / ναυάγια:

- The Arduous Voyage of Underwater Research on the LBA Shipwreck off Modi Islet / Μόδι Christos Agouridis and Myrto Michalis

- The Mazotos Shipwreck, Cyprus: a preliminary analysis of the amphora stowage system / Μαζωτος ΚύπρουStella Demesticha

- Final Report on the Remains of Four Vessels Found in the Ancient Harbour of Naples, Italy Dating to the Late 2nd Century BC and the Late 2nd–Late 3rd Century AD / Νάπολι Giulia Boetto, Pierre Poveda, and Chiara Zazzaro

- The Mandirac 1 Shipwreck, Narbonne, France / Γαλλία - Marie-Pierre Jézégou, Patrick Andersch Goodfellow, Jonathan Letuppe, and Corinne Sanchez

- A Late-12th-Century Byzantine Shipwreck in the Port of Rhodes: a preliminary report / βυζαντινό 12ου αι. Ρόδος George Koutsouflakis and Eric Rieth

- The Construction of the Ma‘agan Mikhael II Ship - Deborah Cvikel and Avner Hillman



Harbours / Λιμάνια 

- Patara’s Harbour: new evidence and an overview of the sequence of harbour-related defence systems / Πάταρα ΛυκίαςErkan Dündar and Mustafa Koçak - ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ για τα ΠΑΤΑΡΑ βλ. Γ. Λεκάκης "Η άγνωστη Μικρά Ασία".

- The Harbour(s) of Ancient Torone; the search for their location and reflections on Honor Frost’s hypothesis concerning shipbuilding in the area / Τορώνη J. Lea Beness, and Tom Hillard

- The Hellenistic–Early Roman Harbour of Akko: preliminary finds from the archaeological excavations at the foot of the seawall, 2008–2014 / Άκκο - Jacob Sharvit, Bridget Buxton, and Alexandra Ratzlaff

- The Submerged Monumental Complex of the Roman Harbour of Fossae Marianae, Gulf of Fos, France: an overview of preliminary results / Φος Γαλλίας - Souen Fontaine, Mourad El-Amouri, Frédéric Marty, and Corinne Rousse

- The First Marine Structures Reported from Roman / Byzantine Ashkelon, Israel: do they solve the enigma of the city’s harbour? / Ασκελώνη Ισραήλ - Ehud Galili, Baruch Rosen, Asaf Oron, and Elisabetta Boaretto

- Fortified Crusader Harbours of the Syro-Lebanese-Palestinian Coast / Συρία / Λεβάντε / Παλαιστίνη - Patricia Antaki-Masson

- The Port of Ishbiliyya and its Shipsheds: transformations of the Guadalquivir River and the port of Seville during the Islamic period with an introduction to the 12th-century Almohad dockyard / Σεβίλλη Ισπανια Ιβηρική - Carlos Cabrera Tejedor, and Fernando Amores Carredano

Maritime cultural landscapes

Θαλάσσια πολιτιστικά τοπία

 - Mariners, Maritime Connectivity, and the Ritual of Sea Travel in Early Neolithic Cyprus / νεολιθική ΚύπροςDuncan Howitt-Marshall

- The Effects of Coastline and River Changes on Anchorages, Harbours, and Habitation Patterns: the case of Akko - M. Artzy, C. Morhange, H. Jol, G.I. López, A. Abu-Hamid, Y. Salmon, and A.K. Killebrew

- Aegean Navigation and the Shipwrecks of Fournoi: the archipelago in context / Αιγαίο, ΦούρνοιPeter Campbell and George Koutsouflakis

- Istros, Black Sea Coast, Romania: a geoarchaeological perspective on the location of the harbour(s) / Ίστρος, Μαύρη Θάλασσα, ΡουμανίαA. Bivolaru, V. Bottez, A. Asăndulesei, A. Vladu, T. Sava, M. Giaime, and C. Morhange

- Navigating Perceptions: mariners and geographers of the Roman Levant - Carmen Obied

- The Rock-Cut Shoreline Features of Dana Island and the Maritime Landscape of the Taşucu Gulf, Rough Cilicia / Δάνα, Τασούτσου Κιλικία - Michael R. Jones

ΠΗΓΗ: Sidestone Press Academics, ISBN: 9789088909450 | ISBN: 9789088909467, 210 x 280 χλστ., 370 σελ. ΑΡΧΕΙΟΝ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΥ, 24.7.2021.

Αρχαια Μεσογειος, MEDITERRANEAN, Maritime Archaeology, Δεμεστιχα, Demesticha Shipwrecks / ναυαγια, Arduous Voyage Underwater Research Shipwreck Modi Islet / Μοδι, Αγουριδης, Μιχαλη, Mazotos Shipwreck, Cyprus, amphora αμφορεας, Μαζωτος Κυπρου, κυπρος, Vessel, Naples, Italy 2ος πΧ αιώνας, 3ος μΧ Ναπολι Ιταλια, Mandirac Narbonne, France / Γαλλια, Byzantine Shipwreck Rhodes, βυζαντινο πλοιο, 12ος αιωνας Ροδος, Κουτσουφλακης, Harbours / Λιμανια, Patara, Παταρα Λυκιας, λυκια, Torone, Τορωνη, Akko, Ακκο, Ακο, Ακκος, Ακος, Fossae Marianae, Gulf of Fos, France, Φος Γαλλιας, Roman / Byzantine Ashkelon, Israel, Ασκελωνη Ισραηλ, Syro-Lebanese-Palestinian Coast / Συρια / Λεβαντε / Παλαιστινη, Ishbiliyya, Guadalquivir River Seville Islamic period / Σεβιλλη Ισπανια Ιβηρικη Γκουαδαλκιβιρ, Neolithic Cyprus / νεολιθικη Κυπρος, Aegean Navigation Fournoi, Αιγαιο, Φουρνοι, Istros, Black Sea Coast, Romania, Ιστρος, Μαυρη Θαλασσα, ποντος, δουναβης, Ρουμανια, Dana Island, Tasucu Gulf, Rough Cilicia / Δανα, Ντανα, Τασουτσου Κιλικια, Τασουκου
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